Case Report

Focal Ab-amyloid deposition precedes cerebral microbleeds and Superficial siderosis: a case report

Parnesh Raniga, Patricia Desmond, Paul Yates, Olivier Salvado, Pierrick Bourgeat, Jurgen Fripp, Svetlana Pejoska, Michael Woodward, Colin L Masters, Christopher C Rowe and Victor L Villemagne*

Published: 13 October, 2017 | Volume 1 - Issue 1 | Pages: 039-044

This case report presents in-vivo findings on the spatial and temporal relationship between focal Ab-amyloid deposition, cerebral micro-haemorrhages and superficial siderosis. A 65-year-old woman underwent 11C-PiB PET scans that revealed an atypical focal and asymmetrical pattern of Ab-amyloid deposition and MRI scans that revealed cerebral micro-haemorrhages and superficial siderosis. Almost all micro-haemorrhages were associated with focal Ab-amyloid deposition. Follow-up 11C-PiB PET and MRI scans showed progression of the disease. We speculate that Abamyloid deposition affects the structural integrity of arterioles, thereby predisposing them to micro haemorrhages. In support of this hypothesis, progression of MRI lesions was observed only in areas associated with Ab-amyloid deposition.

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Brain imaging; Alzheimer’s disease; Ab-amyloid; PiB; cerebral amyloid angiopathy



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